The Art and Science of Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Advanced Techniques and Practical Training

Dr Mark training

This course is designed for MiXto SX® users seeking advanced training and techniques in the art and application of fractional CO2 skin resurfacing. Dr. Kofford has a doctoral degree in wound healing and collagen rejuvenation. As a skilled aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Kofford has taken traditional and fractional laser resurfacing to a whole new level. Having extensive experience in treating patients with the MiXto SX® Micro Fractional CO2 Laser, Dr. Kofford will teach his methods intended for achieving optimal results. This is an exclusive 1 1/2 day course specifically for MiXto SX® users, sponsored by LASERING USA. The course is limited to 4 participants to ensure a personalized hands-on experience with actual patient treatments. The course will cover advanced techniques in fractional CO2 facial resurfacing and other related topics including but not limited to:

  • Ablative vs. non-ablative
  • Erbium vs. CO2 laser
  • CO2 Laser - short pulse vs. long pulse
  • Resurfacing - traditional vs. fractional
  • Single vs. multi-pass techniques
  • Upper & lower eyelid treatment
  • Patient anesthetic techniques
  • Treatment of ethnic skin types
  • When to use the 180 μm vs. the 300 μm spot size
  • Patient preparation/preoperative care/recovery time
  • Postoperative care/management of adverse side effects
  • Dermal fillers - contour restoration, placement techniques
  • Marketing - consultation methods - treatment packaging and closing

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