Riviera Laser patient "Mary"

Meet Riviera Laser patient "Mary""

Mary came in to remove and reduce the wrinkles around her mouth. She is a beautiful woman but the wrinkles were hindering her self-esteem. Dr. Kofford safely removed her mole and reduced the wrinkles around her eyes and mouth through laser surgery and skin resurfacing.


"I know that I am attractive, but I was beginning to feel self conscious about the lines around my eyes and mouth, as well as the prominent mole on my right cheek. I was an Olympic swimmer and have spent years in the sun which were finally catching up to me. So I visited Riviera Laser and Dr. Kofford was able to turn back the clock with little discomfort and great results. I have no visible scars and feel even more comfortable than ever before with others."

Riviera Laser patient "Glory"

Meet Riviera Laser patient "Glori"

Glori is actually one of our trained and talented office managers. At the age of 52, her skin is now youthful, vibrant and glowing.


"For years I watched patients come and go from the Riviera Laser Studios and knew that one day I was going to get the courage to also do laser resurfacing. So when the opportunity came to do that, I jumped on it. I can see the shock in others faces when I tell them I am 52. They can hardly believe their eyes. My skin color is glowing and my complexion is perfect. Thank you doctors!"

Riviera Laser patient "Liz"

Meet Riviera Laser patient "Liz"

Liz has clear but aging skin. Resurfacing was not needed but fillers were. Using a combination of ArteFill®, Restylane® and Sculptra® Aesthetic. Liz was able to fill the age lines on her face and lose most of the dark circles under the eyes.


"For me, surgery was not yet an option. But I knew I wanted to grow old more gracefully. So I opted for fillers. The doctors of Riviera Laser were able to hide my lines and bags with four simple injections. Now I have more confidence and peace of mind. It was quick, affordable and provided me the results I needed. It's great to be 38 and still turn heads."

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